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12 Best Coolest Seaside for Summer Holidays UK

Lyme Regis, Dorset Beach, Dorset Beach, Summer Holidays

We all love seaside holidays by the beach especially those with plenty to explore across the best coastlines in the UK. Luckily, if you’re somebody who enjoys building sandcastles, sea air, and destination bars, this is for you.

While these are just a few things to name, there’s so much you could do at a summer beach holiday and enthralling beach towns across the UK.

So, now that international and domestic holidays are back on the agenda, you can easily find the self-catered accommodations and lodges in your favorite towns.

Therefore, with so many coastal areas to discover, we share a list of the best seaside towns that are hard to miss this summer. However, this list based on location, family-friendly, and cost. So, let’s jump right in!

1) St Ives Cornwall

St Lves Cornwall Beach Holidays With a range of beaches, amazing pubs and shops, and a vibrant culture, St Ives is a holiday maker’s paradise. Also, known as the world’s most loved destination for surfers, you’ll find yourself immersed in the stunning azure seascapes, white sand beaches, and fisherman houses.

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Whether you’re looking to enjoy the absolutely exotic landscape or turquoise water, you’ll find yourself falling in love with this amazing town and its and magnificent golden beaches.

2) Salcombe Devon

Salcombe is without question Devon’s most worthy summer holiday destination in the UK. With old pubs, little shops, and beaches that still remain a favorite in the country.

Salcombe, Devon, Cool SeaSide, Summer Holidays

When at Salcombe in the summers, you’ll find yourself in thronging crowds, taking the ferry out on the estuary, and so much more than a beach town could offer. Moreover, just a few minutes drive from Salcombe you will find a secluded spot to two sandy beaches, Mouthwell Sands and Harbour beach.

 3) Lyme Regis Dorset

Lyme Regis is a place that deserves to be called one of the most stunning seaside holiday destinations across the UK. It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, great resorts, and historic features.

Whatever your age or time of the year, you can always find something to engage in while you’re at Lyme Regis. Some of the main attractions you will find are cute fisherman’s cottages, pasty shops, and a stunning seaside to escape. Additionally, if you’re history, this town has plenty explore with its fossil history.

Lyme Regis, Dorset Beach, Dorset Beach, Summer Holidays

4) Dartmouth Devon

Dartmouth is known for its exquisite seafood and amazing walking opps. However, this isn’t all you might find in the beautiful town but so much more you can’t imagine. In fact, Dartmouth Beach comes with everything you could want on a trip to the coast while staying in a beautiful town like this one.

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You will find historic pubs and the finest seafood restaurants you will find across the country. Moreover, while you’re there you can make boat trips and spot so much around the sea and enjoy some of the finest holiday experiences in the country.

5) Falmouth Cornwall

Falmouth is a cosmopolitan town with plenty of universities and beach charm to make your holiday special. While Cornish seaside towns are pretty old-fashioned, they are full of fun. In fact, this cosmopolitan city specializes in arts, design, and artisan eateries that will add up to your holiday fun in many ways.

Therefore, while you’re there you can visit the Falmouth harbors, ancient castles, and Cornwall stunning beaches.

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6) Lymington Hampshire

With perfect high streets, refined seaside towns, and boat-filled harbors, this little town has always been a major tourist attraction. In fact, you have all the options of a complete beach town experience when you’re here.

You could get out on the water, enjoy fishing excursions or simply sit in old pubs to this town to its roots. Moreover, you can swing by to Apple Court Gardens for a cup of tea and enjoy its Japanese garden like never before.

Lymington Hampshire seaside

7) Dungeness Kent

Dungeness is a tiny fishing town in Kent with a landscape that is uniquely beautiful that cannot be ignored. Dungeness is a place with interesting lighthouses, abandoned fishing boats, and thriving wildlife.

As you visit this town you will enjoy its local vibes and its wild landscape of stark. However, some places you must not miss include the famous Snack Shack and the iconic coal-black Prospect cottage.

8) Saltburn-by-the-Sea Yorkshire

This lovely seaside town is great for enjoying a holiday break with a wonderful beach nearby. With its fascinating history and popular Victorian resorts, you will find the epic town to be a lovely coastal retreat.

Some of the other attractions include a light railway, play parks and some interesting shopping areas across the town. As you visit this couples and family getaway location you can take wonderful walks along cliffs and explore different moorland villages on the Yorkshire coast.

9) Whitby Yorkshire

Whitby is a town that goes out of the way when it comes to a true coastal experience. Famous for its Gothic culture, quirky streets, and Abbey ruins, you will find to be everything that seaside one can be.

When you visit you can explore the ornate cobbled paths, locally-owned shops full of art and culture. However, being the sea you will also find yourself enjoying some classic seaside fun with food to never miss and walks along the pier.

10) Southwold Suffolk

Southwold is a charming seaside town being bounded by the North Sea to the East and Southwold harbor to the South. The town offers many wonderful destinations that can be visited any time of the year.

Some of the major attractions at the Southwold are its working lighthouse, beach huts, and quintessential English resort towns. Moreover, you will a range of accommodation options at Southwold that will help you stay close to the town while ensuring you are a walking distance from the coast.

11) Brighton Sussex

Brighton is a sunny seaside city for its vibrant sense of inclusivity and an ideal place to soak the sun. Brighton is a place that has long been known for its famous landmarks and tourist trails that never fail to impress visitors.

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Not only is Brighton an exuberant city to be in but also the Brighton Beach that stretches out is a pretty great place to enjoy this town to the fullest. Some of the major attractions include the Artists Open Houses, Virtual Pavilion Tour, and the Brighton Fringe.

While there are so many options to engage in when you’re here, Brighton is an absolutely great place to enjoy the sea and a vibrant town experience.

12) Pittenweem Fife

Pittenweem is a small fishing village known for its picturesque houses and interesting buildings. Moreover, this place is also known for its thriving arts festivals every summer.

However, this pretty village has always managed to find its place with its unique architecture, festive feels, and tourist trade. Some of the major attractions include Kellie’s Castle, Balcaskie castle, and many shrines.

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